ADD and ADHD Diet Treatment

Diet plan for ADD and ADHD kids

Some research show that food addictive can cause ADD and ADHD. There are some foods that the ADD/ ADHD kids have to avoid. Because in some of the research that had been done by Chinese Master shows that, diet treatment are really help to decrease the symptoms of ADD / ADHD. Chinese Master believes diet treatment is really another way to decrease the symptoms.

  1. No artificial food colorings
    • A lot of food included artificial food colorings. Artificial food colorings can causes ADD/ ADHD. The food contain artificial colorings is candy, cakes, can drinks, can foods, desserts and some of the meat also included artificial colorings. To avoid the artificial food colorings, please read the label before buying the product.
  2. No junk food
    • Junk foods contain a high sugar and carbohydrates. Sugar and carbohydrates will cause the ADD / ADHD symptoms worst. ¬†ADD and ADHD kids should avoid sugar and carbohydrates. Example of junk foods is chips, hamburgers, hotdog, fast food, French fries and etc.
  3. No Fruit
    • A fruit contains a lot of sugar. Sugars have to be avoided by the ADD/ ADHD kids.
  4. No sugar drinks
    • Can drinks, coffee, soda, and tea drinks have a high content of sugars. The can drinks label with NO SUGAR is containing some artificial sugar. Better drink mineral water/plain water.
  5. No dairy products
    • ADD and ADHD kids should avoid milk products especially cow milk. Most of kids have an allergic for milk products. Try to avoid the milk product and see whether the kids reactions and behavior.

Having a good diet plan can help the ADD/ ADHD kids to control their symptoms. The researchers and scientist found, sugar will causes ADD/ADHD symptoms become worst. A steady blood sugar levels benefit the brain, whether a child has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) or not.


Which diet plan is good for my ADD/ ADHD kids?

Some of the food can improve the brain performance and reduce the ADD/ADHD symptoms. Food contains high protein and Omega-3 is good for ADD/ADHD kids. High protein and Omega 3 can improve the brain performance and reduce ADD/ADHD symptoms. Example of food that contains omega 3 and protein is rice, nuts, fish, eggs, olive oil and much more. Parent can included the food that contains high proteins and omega 3 for their kids in the daily meal.

If you need a completed diet plan or need more details, you can contact the Chinese Master. He can help you create a diet plan for your kids and monitor the changes.

Other than that, Chinese Master also provided other natural treatment for ADD/ADHD kids. The natural treatment included no bad side effect neuro acupuncture treatment, herbal brain powder treatment, games treatment and diet treatment for your kids.


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